Halloween brings out all those ghosts and goblins and sometimes you will end up with a few chocolate stains or other candy stains on your rugs or upholstery. Now, what to do? 

Follow these simple steps.

First, use a spoon or a dull knife to try to scrape off any excess candy or chocolate from the fabric that hasn't been absorbed. Next, take a vacuum that has just suction and try to remove any tiny pieces. Now take a white cotton cloth and wet it with cold water and squeeze out any excess moisture and blot the stain lightly.

Now relax, have a cup of coffee.

Ok, time to blot that stain again with that clean white cloth. This will remove many of your stains without the risk of setting them in or causing color loss. Since there can be so many factors from different types of stains to various fabrics, some stains may not be removed in this manner. In that case, e-mail me and I will help you through the process of dealing with your particular stain, or call our office at 781-871-4428 and we can send someone out to remove it.