Art C.

 First, let me say, I'm the fussy type and always hesitant about trying new things or anyone new. I like to feel comfortable with things before I go whit it. As far as my carpet cleaning goes, once I met Alec, I still did some research on him. Checked out his web site, got some references of other people he has cleaned carpets for in Newton. Then, I had Alec's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning at my home in Newton, MA . They did a great job on all my carpets as well as some of my upholstery I thought had seen its' last days. Several of my neighbors have used Alec for many years and I even met Alec at one of their houses while he was there. I was impressed then with talking to him as well as seeing what he was doing there. I'd have to say, whether you live in Newton or anywhere around Boston, he's the carpet cleaner you want to go after.

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